Textile and PPE Recycling

Recycling is Vital for our Planet

Oxford Safety Supplies now offer recycling for textiles and PPE. Sustainability is one of our key strategic goals. It means “…meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (sustainability.com, 2021).

The effects of climate change are widespread. In addition, Earth’s resources are being pressured by a variety of factors. These include population increase and changing lifestyles. Consequently, British landfill is responsible for 460,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions yearly (21stcenturychallenges.org, 2021).

We want to ensure you can rely on our products. Therefore, we invest in sustainable and ethically produced garments. We work to incite confidence in our sustainable processes. This way, our customers are assured of their contribution to sustainable practices.

As a result, we are investing in making textile and PPE recycling available. The preferred route is to use the recycled items to manufacture other garments. We can also recycle garments into other types of products such as insulation. A full audit trail is available and a certificate of destruction is provided.

Our partners prioritise your security and are compliant with BS EN: 15713-2009. They are ISO 9001 and 45001 accredited and meet the BS 7858 standard. All their procedures are designed to positively contribute to the environment. Therefore, segregation is used and items are recycled in the UK only. As a result, making products from recycled materials reduces greenhouse gases by 70%.

Collections are available for 240L wheelie bins. In addition, 660L and 1100L bins are catered for. For customers requiring regular collections, weekly and bi-weekly options are available. On the other hand, 4-weekly, 8-weekly and quarterly collections can be organised.

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