Rigger Boots

At Enduro, we’re committed to providing you with the best safety Footwear. Our category of Rigger boots is designed to offer maximum protection and comfort for professionals in various demanding work environments. Whether you work in construction, automotive, oil and gas, or other industrial settings, our boots are built to withstand the toughest conditions while ensuring your feet stay safe and comfortable.

Understanding the Updated Footwear Safety Standards

As safety standards evolve, so do our products. Our rigger boots comply with the latest ISO 20345:2021 standard, introducing more precise testing methods and improving slip and water resistance. The amendments to the footwear safety standards also include new codes and tests for penetration and ladder grip, ensuring that our boots provide comprehensive protection in real safety scenarios.

Available Versions of Enduro Rigger Boots

Our range includes:

  • Standard Rigger Boots: Equipped with a steel toe cap and a slip-resistant sole, these boots provide essential safety features including protection from impact, compression, and puncture hazards.
  • Waterproof Rigger Boots: Designed with waterproof materials, these boots keep your feet dry in wet or rainy conditions, making them ideal for outdoor work.
  • Insulated Rigger Boots: Featuring insulation layers, these boots provide warmth and comfort in cold weather conditions, perfect for industries like mining, oil and gas.

Key Features of Enduro Rigger Boots

Enduro’s boots come packed with features aimed at offering maximum protection and comfort:

  • Steel Toe Cap: Protects against impact and compression hazards.
  • Slip-Resistant Sole: Offers excellent traction on various surfaces.
  • Puncture-Resistant Midsole: Protects the feet from sharp objects like nails or debris.
  • Waterproof Construction: Ensures feet stay dry even in wet conditions.

Safety Aspects of Enduro Rigger Boots

Our riggers prioritise safety by incorporating various features. These boots offer toe protection with steel or composite toe caps, protecting against dropped items. They also provide underfoot protection with steel or kevlar midsoles, guarding against sharp objects. The IGS sole enhances stability on natural surfaces, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Additionally, the boots may have antistatic properties, energy-absorbent heels, heat resistance, and oil resistance, depending on the model.

These features ensure that you get the right protection for your specific needs. We offer a variety of Footwear, including Safety Trainers, Safety Boots, Safety Wellingtons, Rigger Boots, Business Safety Shoes, Dielectric Footwear, Non-Safety Footwear, and Non-safety trainers.

For more information or to purchase, simply add your selected Boots to your enquiry and submit. Enduro’s dedicated team will be available to answer any questions and guide you through the process. Trust Enduro for unbeatable protection, and start your exploration today.