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Extreme heat and long hours. Two factors that take a toll on your feet, making having performance footwear even more essential.

We have taken this into consideration with a carefully selected range of Enduro safety footwear to meet the demands of your team. Whether on the track or in the factory, we have a selection of footwear that is built to perform.

We spent two years developing a performance safety trainer with a prestigious F1 Racing Team. The outcome was the A-Power safety trainer, regarded as the ultimate in the racing world and now available to all industries.

In fact, it can help you save up to 50% on your annual footwear budget because it lasts so much longer than other performance footwear! Get ready for guaranteed satisfaction from both your employees and buyers, because this trainer can be relied upon.

Why is the A-Power trainer different? For one, it offers premium style and comfort whilst also catering to all the necessary EN safety requirements. It’s metal-free with a sturdy safety toe cap and anti-perforation midsole. It’s even designed with electrostatic discharging (ESD) for extra reassurance and its anti-slip lining and insole are coupled with a lace hideaway to reduce trips and falls.

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Some examples from our range

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