Modern Retail Uniforms

More and more companies are moving on from formal uniforms and adopting a smart casual dress code, which has been seen to have many benefits to employees and the overall atmosphere of the workplace as the style prioritises both professionalism and comfort, which has become a priority throughout the corporate world in recent years. 

A smart casual dress code balances formal and informal wear, which can positively impact the workplace by allowing employees freedom over what they wear while still having a professional appearance that clients value.

A company’s dress code can significantly impact employees; an overly formal dress code can reduce motivation to work and inhibit an employee’s creativity. Allowing employees to choose what to wear from a clothing range increases morale and job satisfaction due to physical and mental comfort. Additionally, less formal dress codes can be beneficial to employees with disabilities as it grants the opportunity to dress in a way that is convenient and comfortable for their health. 

The definition of smart casual can differ depending on the company and industry, so it is advised that when changing from formal to smart casual, guidelines are set to avoid confusion and ensure that no one is dressing inappropriately. 

While switching to smart casual wear can be incredibly beneficial, as an employer, you should continue a semi-coordinated appearance for client meetings or maintain a cohesive team image. Enduro’s uniform collection contains items that suit a smart casual dress code while staying cohesive to your company. 

Offering both gendered and unisex clothing, the Enduro uniform collection is high-quality and professional, including different fits of trousers, polos with both long and short sleeves and multiple jackets. This collection gives employees a uniformed look while allowing them to express themselves, improving employee engagement. 

Employers buying Enduro uniforms can have great benefits to employees as it eases financial burdens. Buying business formal clothing individually, such as suits and dresses, can be incredibly expensive, especially when prioritising quality and durability. This financial responsibility can create a sense of inequality in the workplace, which has no benefit to productivity or the working atmosphere. 

Purchasing Enduro’s uniform as an employer alleviates financial pressures on employees and provides everyone with the same high-quality clothes, allowing for the workplace to be an equal and productive place. 

If you are interested in Enduro’s uniform collection or want to learn more about the benefits of a smart casual dress code, please contact us today.

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Tina PowellTina Powell
13:49 17 Apr 24
Loving our new uniforms, excellent quality and fit perfectly. Thank you Laura, Wendy and Carson for all of your help.
Angela CAngela C
15:36 11 Apr 24
Wendy is extremely helpful and offers an efficient and professional level of customer service always.
Victoria GrahamVictoria Graham
12:02 10 Apr 24
Overall, I couldn't be happier with my experience with Enduro's workwear collection. From durability and comfort to functionality and style, these garments exceed expectations on every level. Whether you're working in construction, manufacturing, or any other industry that demands high-performance apparel, I highly recommend giving them a try. The staff are so friendly and accommodating. Laura and Wendy are great so if you are in need of great quality workwear (embroidered or not) give them a shout nothing is too much trouble.
11:58 10 Apr 24
What we would do without Wendy always so helpful, cheerful, sorts out any challenges and problems put her way and always comes back with an answer in a prompt and efficient way, that we get time after time Thank You Wendy
Sharni GilesSharni Giles
10:28 10 Apr 24
Thank you for your service for uniform orders, Especially Laura for always helping me online and chasing up orders super efficient.
Robert De'athRobert De'ath
09:57 10 Apr 24
I use oxford safety supplies a lot through my work here @ southend Audi. I always communicate with Wendy Compton and she has always been very very helpful and is a great asset to their company.
Paula ManolachePaula Manolache
10:59 27 Mar 24
We always use Oxford safety for uniforms. Staff is always so helpful. Even it is online help, it's brilliant. No issues with ordering or any delays. Had a few issues to resolve and Laura has been an amazing help. Thank you, Laura for helping me place the order with you.
Garry HartleyGarry Hartley
13:34 05 Jan 24
Having recently been employed at this company, I have to say how wonderful my experience was working for and with this company. The staff are friendly, always willing to help and offer advice. Management are always available and can be often seen mixing in with all departments, this is rare for companies nowadays but a welcome commodity. Overall I would highly recommend if you’re seeking employment or fancy a new challenge, Oxford Safety Supplies would be my choice for you.
Pamela HuggardPamela Huggard
13:10 19 Dec 23
Efficient and prompt dealing with my telephone enquiry and following up with emails as promised. Excellent service both from Laura online chat and Sandie on the phone and emails
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