How to design branded workwear

We all know that finding quality, long-lasting Branded Workwear that everyone likes AND keeps to budget, is no menial task. Not to mention the amount of admin it can create. And that’s before you even consider if your new range will conform to brand guidelines.

Would you like the whole process to be a lot simpler? Who wouldn’t? With over 30 years of experience in Branded Workwear, Corporate Wear and PPE, we take you through the things to consider when you’re looking at switching up your company’s workwear.

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Consider how long the full rollout of the uniforms from start to finish will take. For example, the time (dependent on order size) from when we receive the order to when it is dispatched. If you’re a large organisation, plenty of notice to ensure you receive your order on time would be best.


How long is the turnaround for approval in your organisation? Unrealistic timings can delay projects. If departments such as Marketing will need to be involved, it’s best to account for this at the start. Don’t forget that when it comes to comfort and style, employee feedback will also be required, which may include trials of clothing lines.

Once we have created your bespoke customer portal, some organisations require all orders to be approved by an admin at their end. This keeps control of spending, before we get the ok to dispatch them. Take this into consideration when rolling out high priority changes to workwear lines, or putting together a range for a specific event.


What time of year is it? Are employees likely to be looking for warmer or cooler clothing soon? You may want to consider prioritising coats, jackets and winter accessories if winter is drawing near. Certain times of year are busier for couriers – the festive season, for example. You may want to consider this in your plans.


Is workwear only needed for the office? Or do you have employees out on the road, technicians, site or warehouse staff? The requirements for each will be different and this also depends on your industry. Workwear needs to be fit for purpose, up to safety requirements and able to stand up to the daily challenges of the role.


Are there special requirements for your company based on its positioning and its values? For example, it may be really important for your workwear to be sustainable, organic or recyclable to demonstrate commitment to the environment. This includes any industry-specific standards you need to conform to, or accreditations that you need to be aware of.


Make sure you have the latest Brand Guidelines and that you’re using brand colours in the new workwear range. Logo colours also need to be correct. Logos should be shown clearly for your brand to be recognisable.


As mentioned, you need to consider if sustainability is a priority for your organisation’s branded workwear. What common issues come up employees talk about the current workwear offering? Common ones include comfort and longevity. Material is important as cotton is lighter and more breathable, whereas polyester is more resistant to shrinkage but can be heavier, stuffier and more uncomfortable.


Don’t be afraid to ask a sales rep for samples so that you can get a real feel for the sizing and the fabric. We can even arrange a meeting and bring some of the clothes along, so that you can see what the quality is really like. It’s important that you’re happy with your choice and strike the best medium between value and quality.


Are you just looking for one logo on your garments? Does this vary depending on what type of clothing it is? You can have a logo on the Left Hand Breast (LHB) on a polo shirt for example, with the colleage’s name sewn on the Right Hand Breast (RHB), a logo on the back of the garment or even the yoke (just below the neck). Your brand guidelines may specify this, so make sure you check.

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