Blue Light PPE

At Enduro we are committed to your safety while you save lives. Our aim is to make PPE that is comfortable, fit for purpose and actually assists you in your role.

The RTC glove is designed to give maximum protection against cuts and broken knuckles, while providing amazing dexterity to help you handle the tools and facilitate a more rapid and efficient extrication. The Helmet bag helps to prevent cross contamination and support Clean Cab Policy. Our new ‘Smokeblock’ base layer garments are just some examples of the hard work we are putting into the safety of your team.

All our products were born as a result of listening to the challenges faced by the Blue Light Industry and we are always willing to listen so please click here to tell us of your challenges in your Brigade or Police Force where PPE could be better.

Emergency Service PPE - Image 1

Some examples from our range

Emergency Service PPE - Image 2
Emergency Service PPE - Image 3
Emergency Service PPE - Image 4
Emergency Service PPE - Image 5

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