Workwear Portal Shortcut

Need to access your Online Workwear Portal at a moment’s notice for Workwear? We have the solution for you, for your PC AND your smartphone.

What was that web address again? Save time by adding your Bespoke Portal as a desktop shortcut on your Windows or Mac PC, Android or iOS smartphone. To make things easy for you, we’ve created this simple guide.

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The basics

We all have different preferences for the devices we use. You will probably be aware that different computers and smartphones use different browsers. If you have a Mac or an iPhone, these are made by Apple and you will need to use the Safari web browser that comes installed on the devices. Windows and Android are more flexible, with a range of different free browsers available to access your Online Workwear Portal. We’ve catered for the most popular browsers to make sure that nobody is left out.

Desktop Shortcut options: Microsoft Windows PC

Browser: Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the new browser that comes pre-installed on Windows, which replaces Internet Explorer. For security, we recommend replacing Internet Explorer and using Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge


  • Go to
  • Click the three horizontal dots on the top right of the screen
  • From here, click “Apps” and then “Install this site as an app”
  • You can now rename the shortcut as you would like it to appear on your Desktop, then press “Install”
  • You can also choose to add it to your Windows Start menu and pin it to your Taskbar at the bottom of the screen.

Browser: Google Chrome

Google Chrome is made (unsurprisingly) by Google and is the chosen web browser for many, due to its user-friendliness and easy linking across multiple devices to services such as Gmail, Google Drive and Google Maps.

Google Chrome


• Continue to
• Click the three vertical dots on the top right of the screen
• From here, click “More tools” and then”Create Shortcut”
• You can now rename the shortcut as you would like it to appear on your Desktop
• Now press “Create” and it will appear on your Desktop.

Browser: Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla designed this browser to be fast, easy to use, customisable and private for its users. It also offers a cloud sync option, as with Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox


• Visit
• Simply click and drag the small padlock icon on the address bar to your Desktop
• You can rename the icon after you have done this.

Desktop Shortcut options: Apple Mac OS

Browser: Safari

Safari is Apple’s default browser, which was created by them for both their computers and iPhones.

Safari on Mac computers


• Travel to
• Select the entire web address in the top bar
• Drag it to your Desktop and release – you can now use your shortcut.

Smartphone Shortcut options: Android

Browser: Google Chrome

Chrome is the default browser for Android (as Android is owned by Google). However, you can get alternatives such as Firefox and Opera.

Google Chrome on Android


• Navigate to
• Click the three horizontal dots on the bottom right of the screen
• From here, tap “Add to Homescreen”, at which point you can rename the shortcut and it will appear… on your homescreen!

Smartphone Shortcut options: iPhone

Browser: Safari

You do have to use Safari for this to work on iPhones.


• Make sure you’re on
• Tap the icon in the middle at the bottom of the screen that looks like an arrow escaping from a box
• This opens a menu – tap “Add to Homescreen”, customise the name and press “Add”.

Our friendly team are available from 7am-5pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) to answer any questions you may have.

Thanks for reading!