Enduro Footwear

Comfort, protection, aesthetics, competitive pricing and longevity – the 6 words that mean everything to the wearer and to purchasing!

If you’re looking for something that ticks all these boxes, coupled with electrostatic discharging capabilities… why not try A-Power®?

Developed alongside a top Formula 1 team, it’s guaranteed not to disappoint in style or in substance.

Trainers, shoes, boots, wellingtons, front-of-house executive footwear and plenty more. Our range is not just stylish, it’s built to keep you safe in your working environment. We have plenty of S3 SRC slip-resistant footwear to offer, with excellent toe protection and penetration resistance.

A shoe fitting service, trial days and an online log of the styles and sizes required by every staff member are all part of our comprehensive service. We also have an extensive range of footwear for ladies.

Browse through our range and contact us now to find out how to make your staff happy.


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