Firexo Fire Extinguishers

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UK Fire Statistics

The Home Office reports that from March 2019 to March 2020, Fire and Rescue Services attended 153,957 fire incidents. There were a total of 243 fire-related fatalities and 6,910 non-fatal casualties because of these incidents.

Primary fires

68,677 were primary fires occurring in non-derelict buildings, vehicles or outdoor structures. Primary fires are also classified as those involving a casualty, rescue or needing more than four pumping appliances. For more statistics, click here.

What are Firexo Fire Extinguishers?

Firexo is the first and only extinguisher able to extinguish any class of fire. Firexo’s innovative products mean that you no longer need separate water, foam, CO² and powder extinguishers.

Are Firexo Fire Extinguishers colour coded or classified?

Everyone knows there are various extinguishers for different types of fires, but most don’t know which extinguisher to safely use on which fire. With Firexo, you don’t have to worry about which colour is displayed on which extinguisher. And you definitely don’t need to think about if you are dealing with a Class A Fire, Class B Fire, electrical fire and so-on. This is because…

Features and benefits

  • Firexo removes any confusion over which type of extinguisher to use for which class of fire, because one does it all
  • Can handle any type of blaze and puts out all fires – fast
  • Cuts your annual servicing costs by 50%
  • No training required
  • Extinguishes all types of fire in a fraction of the time when compared with traditional methods
  • No chance of reignition, because Firexo cools the fire to hand touch
  • Much less run-off
  • It’s kind to the environment

Together, we can reduce the amount of Fire and Rescue service call-outs with Firexo fire extinguishers. They enable anyone to fight fire when it is safe to do so, requiring no training. Using Firexo can halve your servicing bills annually, because it requires much less maintenance.

Firexo exists to reduce damage, injury and death caused by fire, so that anyone is empowered to tackle it safely and aid escape.

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