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Firefighter Uniform UK | Oxford Safety Supplies

It is essential that your team of Firefighters are protected from head to toe. The harsh environments you deal with every day require serious protection that won’t let you down.

At Oxford Safety Supplies, we are a YPO Accredited supplier for Fire and Rescue Services. Our range includes protective safety gloves, specialist coveralls along with sturdy and long-lasting boots. We also provide branded t-shirts, shirts and polos, jackets, suiting and office wear. In addition, accessories, hi-vis, surcoats and more.

Our specially developed products include the RTC glove for extrication. Designed to give more dexterity and comfort, the glove is lightweight and stretchy. It can be worn over surgical gloves if required. The RTC specification includes level 5 cut resistance, an oil grip coating, padded palm and reinforced thumb.

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