EGOpro Safe

All in One Forklift Anti-collision and tracking system

The Forklift Driver’s System

The EGOpro Safety MOVE from AME is an advanced, yet incredibly simple to use Proximity Warning and Alert System for Forklifts.

The system includes an internal proximity monitoring display that staff can tap into using their badge.  The Forklift is also fitted with long range, short range and vehicle sensor, for superior protection and environmental detection.

When a person or forklift is detected, there is a visual and an acoustic warning for the driver. The forklift then slows to a stop, allowing the obstacle to pass safely. The long range sensor offers a pre-warning of proximity, whereas the short range sounds the proximity warning.

When visitors such as drivers arrive on-site, spare lanyard badges can be allocated to ensure they are safe during their visit at all times.

EGOPro Manager’s Interface

The management interface receives data from active driver’s devices for reporting. You can do this via USB, WiFi and GSM Modem.  It then translates through to an easy-to-use dashboard.

Available Features and Reports

  • Daily detections
  • Report on individual vehicles or by all
  • Operators with the highest risk of collision
  • Near misses
  • Manage work activities for the week internally and externally (e.g. supplier loading/unloading and maintenance activities)
  • Monitor shifts and breaks
  • Optimise shifts
  • Limit pedestrian entry during certain times
  • Organise training courses for operators
  • Change operational methods
  • Limiting the number of vehicles working in the same zone

Detections are additionally shown on a map (as below) to track the positions of near misses and amend procedures and activities in more hazardous zones.

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